Investor Relations

Purthanol is always looking for joint venture partners that will open the market and maintained the facilities. Purthanol is pleased to have signed commercial agreements for the transfer of technology and construction of biofuel facilities in Purthanol’s turnkey program. Purthanol is constantly seeking for joint venture partners, investors and operators for their biofuel facilities programs.


The Board of Purthanol is steadfast to position Purthanol as an international producer of biofuels on several continents.


Purthanol is a publicly traded company dedicated to investigating and developing a focus on green-technology fuel production with its acquisition of the Purthanol process for the ethanol product and Biocardel for the Biodiesel. Investors are invited to talk to their brokers for the purchase of shares. 


Biofuel made by the People for the People to preserve their planet for their Children

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